Chema, Cobo


Chema Cobo (Tarifa, Cádiz, 1952) is a key painter in Spanish contemporary art. At the beginning, he was strongly related to the ‘Nueva Figuración Madrileña’ (New Figuration in Madrid). In the seventies he works in a playful way, but in the eighties his painting is based on rhetoric of sublime and in baroque allegory, which performs the relationship between culture and memory. In fact, from eighties, Cobo takes distance with his initial influence and connects with international art movements such as neo-impressionism and transavantgarde.

The artist insists on using conceptual approaches for creating his paintings. Cobo’s art is both intense and extensive so it must be organized into different stages. In each of the stages, he employs a wide range of stylish resources. He is attracted to the verbal as well as the visual. The starting point for his works are thoughts and written statements, which can be appreciated in his book “Aforismos” (Amnesia I and II).

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Machine of Invention, 1988
Oil on canvas
82.25 x 70.75 in (209 x 180 cm)